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Thursday, July 06, 2006

God Spoke to Me Today

My brother-in-law, Max, is remodelling my parents' kitchen. I am helping. We work very well together as a team -- we're both perfectionists.

He's been working 16 hour days since Sunday, doing an incredible job, rebuilding the kitchen counters and back splash wall and rewiring for new lighting. He and I have been working, 16 hour days, for the past two days laying 2x2 porcelain tiles on the counters and 4x4 decorative ceramic tiles on the backsplash. It's tedious and strenuous work.

The most amazing thing happened this evening while we were tiling. Max was working with 2x2 tiles on the counter. I was laying in the backsplash with the 4x4s. I had just pulled a large stack of tiles from a new box and was working from the pile. Suddenly something caught my eye: between two brand new from-the-box 4x4 tiles was a Chinese fortune cookie message. It said:

"Take some time for yourself."

Was God talking to me through Chinese fortune cookie messages sent in a box of ceramic tiles made in Japan?


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