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Monday, July 03, 2006

11 Careers I Would Love

Let's see if you notice a theme here.....

11. Motivational speaker -- I am especially good at selling passion.
10. Art teacher -- especially for very young children, before anyone has told them that sky must be blue -- sometimes it needs to be orange, or red, or pink or purple.....
9. Art gallery owner -- but I admit there would be little modern art.
8. Organizational planner -- functional and well-designed storage excites me!
7. Welder -- so I could make metal sculptures.
6. Sculptor -- in clay and then bronze.
5. Ceramic tile designer -- especially if I could live in Italy or Greece or France.
4. Bed & breakfast owner -- I'd love to bake fresh muffins every morning and paint every afternoon.
3. Vineyard owner -- I love to talk to plants and they respond. Every afternoon I'd paint.
2. Gravestone engraver -- the old fashioned way.
1. Fine artist.


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