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Monday, June 19, 2006

The First Day of My New Life


  • I got up at my usual time and had tea with my husband. That's the best part of my day.

  • Started my special secret project then left the house at 10:00 to go to the bank. My bank card was cancelled this weekend since it had been used at a bank machine that had been 'compromised.'

  • Got a new bank card. Found out the slimy thief made two $500 withdrawls on my account on Saturday afternoon. His mistake? He made both withdrawls within minutes of me using my card in Ajax, ON. Thank GOD for BMO security tracking....

  • Went to have 'tea' with my Mom. Only it turned out it was coffee. First cuppa coffee I've had in more than 3 weeks.

  • Came home to see Shannon off to Barrie for a few days of horse showing.

  • Got an email from my friend Nat. Talked with him on the phone for a few minutes.

  • Went to the post office. Went to the grocery store. Back to the post office. Bought a toe ring. It's cute. Birthday cards for F and A, even though it's two weeks past their birthdays.

  • Home to pay bills. Spent a fortune, including house taxes on both properties. I think I need a job.

  • Called UPS to find out where last week's package is. Turns out it was delivered at 9:40 this morning and signed for by a guy named 'Vince.' I hope a guy named Vince shows up at the door with my UPS package. Guess I need to get to know my neighbours!

  • Took photos of the storm clouds. Walked to the post office box, but even though I've lived here for 5 years, I have no idea which PO box is ours. That's kind of pathetic, don't you think? Tried our key in 5 locks and none opened. Felt like a criminal. I'll leave it for Lju.

  • Called the Waterloo tenant at his parents' number. He wasn't there. Of course, his father knew nothing of his son's lies and deception regarding outstanding rent and bills. The kids owes us $1,000.00. Dad accused me of having a bad attitude. Yeah? And your kid's a liar. Pissed me off royally.

  • Updated bank accounts. Opened financial reports from investment advisor. Didn't read them but pretended that I did. Will file them tomorrow.

  • Picked up wonderful, kind voice mail message from Judy. God, I love her! She offered congratulations, lunch date and healing session. Made me cry.

  • Started dinner. Broke a Corningware dish top and it shattered into a million pieces.

  • Swept floor, vacuumed floor, moved fridge, moved stove, vacuumed and cleaned behind each. Figured since I had the vacuum out, I may as well do the whole house, even though I had just vacuumed it all yesterday. Man! Working is easier than this. At least when the painter comes in a few weeks to paint the house, he'll think, wow, what a housekeeper -- it's spotless behind the fridge and the stove.

  • It's wonderful to be able to plan, cook, enjoy pleasing my family with a thoughtful dinner.

  • Pre-dinner drinks with my husband on the patio. Shared every moment of my day. He's so patient and kind.

  • Dinner was delightful. Maybe drank a little too much, ate just enough.

  • Blogged.

  • If anyone had been following me today, they would think I was either manic depressive or being chased by the Mob. I'm exhausted. And I feel like I'm cheating, just waiting to be caught. Like I'm skipping off school or work and any moment now I'll be found out as a fraud. This is so stressful! Can't wait for tomorrow!


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