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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's Wrong with Me Part 3

At the doctor's again today. My iron is very low but the good news is that my thyroid level is a very good 16 (in comparison to the previous 23). So, what does that mean? Now, all the symptoms we've been blaming on my thyroid may be caused by something else. The one that causes me the most concern is the "crash" after eating. It's bad. And it doesn't matter what or when I eat. Although I first mentioned it to him more than 60 days ago, he's now looking at other possibilities including my blood sugar level (might that also account for the debilitating migraine-type headaches?). He wants to rule out mononucleosis, too. I have to go for two sets of blood work -- we'll do one when I'm feeling shitty (in the crash after eating) and the second when I'm feeling less crappy. Then we can compare the glucose levels in each test.

In addition to the iron pills, the doctor gave me antibiotics for the salivary gland infection. AND I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so that means the first heavy-duty antibiotic treatment for that procedure.

Oh yeah, I printed a copy of my blog post for his files -- unedited. I hope he doesn't take it personal -- but then again, maybe he needs to be reminded that I'm living this every day.


Anonymous Master of My Own Domain said...

Ok so i didnt realize one person could go through so much and never be aware of what was going on....

Hope ur dentist went well...

life they say is like a box of chocolates....sometimes they melt and sometimes you eat the freakin lot

6:04 PM  

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