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Friday, March 02, 2007

Give Me A Hand, Would You?

From AOL news: A young doctor who admitted to severing a hand from a cadaver as a medical student, then giving it to a stripper, was fined Thursday and told to stay out of trouble for 15 months.

“I never knew it was illegal,” the doctor said. Oh yeah, sure. “I just thought it was kinky, not illegal,” must be how he rationalized it. Come on! How many people do YOU know keep a cadaver hand on their dresser?

Maybe she was just a really busy stripper and she said to the guy, “You know, I really could use an extra hand around here.”

I guess we have to hand it to the judge. He could have punished the guy with community service. You know, like giving hand-outs at the soup kitchen.

Thank goodness the stripper never said to him, ‘Have a heart.” He might have interpreted that as a question. Someone should tell this guy that we don’t REALLY give HEARTS for Valentine’s Day.

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