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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Pt I & II

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Part I - Guest post today courtesy of my parents:

Thursday night, we were finishing dinner... Minta and her daughter Laurie were here....... when the doorbell rang. A girl asked if she could use our phone.... that she was staying across the road from us....and had had her purse stolen..... with all her ID and credit cards gone.... and wanted to call her mother who was out-of-town. I let her in and helped her make the call using our long distance code. She made a couple of calls...... and some small talk... how even if her mother sent money, she had no ID.... and she just needed a little money to get back home. She left.....and a couple minutes later came back to call a local friend...... to no avail. As smart and compassionate that we are..... we knew that we had to do something to help this girl....... so we fixed her a plate of meatloaf and salad to take with her..... since it would probably take her a few days to get home....... at least she wouldn't go hungry.

After she left, Laurie said....this is a scam......... Well guess what.... THIS WAS A SCAM......

The girl that we came to know as Allison.....had been to two other homes here.... with the same story. The police came and said somebody matching this description had been working the area the night before.

Now we are quite concerned....... Will she return our dishes?....... Did she enjoy the meatloaf?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Part II - I am planning a family get-together. In this day and age, in order to get all of our family together in one place you have to book far in advance. I sent out an email earlier this week with the subject line "Family Day," inviting everyone to join us Sunday, February 25 anytime after 3 p.m. for fun and games followed by dinner. I asked, "Call only if you're not coming."

This afternoon, shortly after 3 p.m. the door bell rang. I tried to guess who it might be on this cold, snowy winter day since we weren't anticipating any visitors. I was pleasantly surprised to see four members of my family standing on our front step! They came in like we had been expecting them, taking off their coats and settling in. I started panicking inside; Oh my God! Had I invited them for dinner and then forgotten they were coming? I had seen them recently, spoken with them more recently than that, I had been thinking about inviting them over, so I guess maybe I had and then forgot! I didn't have anything planned for dinner yet, but hey, it's family, we can all whip something up, ya know?

"Where's everyone else?" I was asked. The goofy look on my face must have been the first clue. "Family Day," I was reminded. Evidently, they had been looking forward to it all week.

"Um, Family Day is next month," I said...."But you are ALWAYS WELCOME HERE, so we'll make today Family Day."

We ordered in Chinese food and had lots of fun and laughs. And we've promised to do it all again next month!

Please read the comments to enjoy the continuing story.....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you ask me, this was a total waste of meatloaf. Joe LOVES Mom's meatloaf - she should have sent it to him instead.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Michelle Henderson said...

Joe couldn't have meatloaf..... he was eating Chinese!

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe's version:

Last month, my wife and I were at my mother-in-law's house the day after her open house when the door bell rang and lo and behold I welcomed in my parents. One day late for the party but none the less they were there, after strategically parking their car so that they wouldn't be blocked in, enabling them to leave at their convenience.

This incident left many a wondrous thought in my head. Are my parents losing their marbles? Was this a reflection of age taking its toll on their minds? Is this hereditary ? Is it genetic?

Well......here's my story: Monday morning I checked the e-mails and immediately went upstairs to mark the day on the calander. Overwhelmed with emotion, I thought how wonderful my sister and her husband are..... well today they just confirmed how wonderful (and extremely understanding) they are.

My sister invited everyone to her house for supper for the last Sunday of the month. This made me think on how so many times I have seen (through my friends) how once the parents are gone the brothers and sisters lose the communication and togetherness. This was a prime display on how she would ensure the closeness and the same old family traditions are upheld.
My family and I have discussed the coming of this gathering ALL WEEK,
marked it on the calander in the kitchen and everything. Victoria and I finished skiing early so that we wouldn't be late. On the way over we talked about it and I even asked if I should have called to see if there was anything we could bring. 3:30 we pull up the drive. Nobody else's cars are there. OK... usual occurrance
Everybody 's running on their own clock ..... in fact last month when we showed up with our pan of lasagne, we sat on the road for Lori to come home with the keys.

The surprised looks on Michelle and Lju's faces kinda threw us off.
When I said something about her e-mail saying "show up early if you want to play cards," they both quickly said "THAT'S NEXT MONTH"
I even had her take me upstairs to show me the original e-mail.

Well..... now I know how my parents do it. Still not really sure how it happens .... but it does.

Dad: It's one thing to be a day late.... how about being a whole month early?

Michelle & Lju: Thanks for welcoming us into your home and thanks for letting us stay for supper. Most of all, thanks for understanding.... its a Summers thing! Had a wonderful time. Thanks, Lotsa love,

11:06 PM  
Blogger Michelle Henderson said...

Aw, my brother is one of the greatest guys I know! Love you, too, Bro!

11:07 PM  

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