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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ashley....the Christmas Angel

Today's guest-post courtesy of my cousin Kimberley, in her end-of-year-sending-Christmas-love message:

While contemplating whether or not I could afford to send out Christmas cards this year, my daughter helped me make the decision to NOT send out Christmas cards.

Here is WHY: She asked me one day, about a week ago, if she could cut her hair short. Very short. And guess where all of her hair went? It is being donated to "Locks of Love", an organization that makes wigs for children who suffer from the ill-effects of radiation and have lost their hair, (or some other terminal illness which has resulted in hair loss).

So, off we went, Christmas Card Budget= Re-Routed to Hair Salon for a good cause.....And that, my friends and how this loved one is helpin' to "Kick Cancer A**"!! (Or at least to look and feel better when you've lost your hair. Only a few women in the world look beautiful when they are bald; like my cousin Roni.....exceptional!)

What a wonderful and generous gift from a child to another.... We could all learn an important lesson from young Ashley.....


Blogger Angelove said...

Almost made me cry. Bravo Ashley! You are some kinda girl!!
Merry Christmas! xxx

10:13 PM  

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