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Friday, November 10, 2006

Flashback Friday

My mother and I went to a wonderful party tonight in honour of Walter and Mae Haass's 50th wedding anniversary. The couple, 30+ year neighbours of my parents, looked absolutely dashing. Four of their five children, including their spouses and next generation children were there, all looking beautiful, proud, strong, healthy. As Mae said, "They clean up nicely, don't they?"

When Walter was a boy, his parents bought the old farmhouse that is now my parents' home. Walter tells stories about raising chickens upstairs in the back bedrooms during the winter. He helped his father pour the concrete veranda on the side of the house way back in 1959 (I think). I'm not much of an historian, but when Walter and his two brothers were ready to start their families, the boys built three 1960's style bungalows on the same hill. Eventually Walter and Mae moved into the farthest home from the homestead, his brother Henry and his bride Betty moved across the street. Perhaps son Herman was the rebel -- I think he moved to Bowmanville (about 15 km away!). My brother, Joe, learned welding from Herman during the 1980's. The senior Haass's, Herman and Louisa, moved from the big farmhouse to the third bungalow.

The party was a wonderful, formal affair -- but it seemed almost like my high school reunion! In addition to reuniting with the Haass "kids" (uh, middle-aged adults?), I saw brothers Paul and Dennis Sobil (and met their wives), Leo Cormier and his wife, Debbie (Geissburger) Cormier, Percy Beech (and his wife, who, it turns out has been friends with my sister-in-law for years!) and brothers Garry and Gordie Geissburger (and wife). I thought the "My Gosh, You Haven't Changed A Bit" award would be presented to Gordie Geissburger, who still looks 14 years old except with a goatee, until Gordie pointed to Garry across the room. After a wonderful reunion, Garry got out on the dance floor and then came the flashback: it was like our Grade 8 graduation all over again.

The "How'd You Get So Good Looking, You Were Just a Goofy Little Kid" prize goes to Dennis Sobil. The "No Way, You Can't Be Marla Haass" award should be presented to.... Ms. Marla Haass, who has developed into a stunning beauty. Of course, the last time I saw her, I think she was six. And the "Drop Dead Gorgeous" prize should be presented to Karen Haass, another breathtaking beauty. That German blood has been very good to those girls! (Girls! Ha! They're both past 35!)

Because my brother Joe and I are six years apart, everyone we met from the old "neighbourhood" fell somewhere between our ages. I think Joe will agree with me, we sure had lots of fun!

Congratulations Walter and Mae Haass on 50 years of wedded bliss. And thank you for letting us share in your celebration!


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