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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random Thoughts from My Hyperactive Mind

Not in any order at all:

  • Roni is stunningly beautiful bald. Her big blue eyes have always been striking, but now, it's almost as if that's the first thing you see. It was a bold and courageous decision to shave her head before all of her hair could fall out on its own. As she said, "It's not my fault I have cancer." Bravo Sister! Besides, hair is definitely over-rated.

  • I'm a Soprano. Not the Tony Soprano kind of Soprano, a REAL soprano! I've joined the St. Arsenije Sremec Serbian Orthodox Church Choir. I've been to two practises now -- and just like EVERYTHING in my life, I do it all or not at all. It's definitely one of the harder things I've tried -- first you have to read music, find the note, read over the Cyrillic line to the Latin alphabet translation, figure out how to pronounce the foreign word, then sing the note, holding it for the right length -- quickly moving to the next note, repeat from the beginning, all the while keeping up with much more experienced singers. Everyone has been so very kind and patient -- and impressed, too. After one week, I could sing the Liturgia from heart, off book and stay in tune! (I found a few great sites online where I could download the music, burned a CD and have been immersing myself in sacred Serbian music during my long drives to Belleville.) I am getting much faster at reading Cyrillic, too. For example: my name:


    Think that’s easy? Try reading this and singing!

    At the end of this week’s choir practice, Ana, the “assistant director,” said, “Michelle, I’m really glad that you’ve joined our choir.”

    I’ve already amazed my husband – I can’t wait to sing for my mother-in-law! (Lest you think my head will get too big, fear not. As one of my sisters said, "You? A soprano?")

  • I'm quite worried about my hearing. Did you know that most of the time I watch TV with the closed captioning on? If you're talking to me and turn your head, I probably can't hear what you just said (I spend a lot of time lip reading.) Last night I walked into the bedroom while my husband was watching Sportsnet. I couldn't see the picture, but heard only a commentator wrapping up his interview with a baseball player in this world series. This is what I heard: "Good luck then and enjoy gay sex." What the commentator really said was "Good luck then and enjoy game six."

  • I've been meaning to write about the new TV show "The Class." It's not often, OK, maybe never in my life, have I raved about a TV show, working my schedule around TIVO'ing a program, but The Class is absolutely hilarious. It's on Monday nights on CTV. It's an hilarious premise for a show to begin with (a grade 3 class reunion), but the situations just keep getting more believably hysterical. (Producers of The Class, please send a cheque to the address below.) If you're a fan, please write!

  • I am procrastinating. I don't know why. The things I'm putting off are not painful. I just don't WANT to do them. In the meantime, I am obsessing on the ridiculous. What is wrong with me?

  • I've started a new painting. It's my second "angry" work; in this case, an expression of my rage at the challenges being faced by my sisters Christine and Roni. I hope someday, long after my death, some art scholar will know the real meaning behind every layer and object in this still life (after someone buys the painting at a yard sale, I'm sure!). I don't even LIKE painting still life, but I guess you could say I've been painting "furiously."

  • For the record, my brother Joe did NOT forget his lunch. I made it up because I thought it would be funny. What I didn't know at the time was that I would pee my pants laughing at what would happen next. Joe, you're such a good sport, I love you!

  • Additional random thought that occurred to me today (Friday, October 20): Why is the 'ch' in chemotherapy and chiropractor pronounced like a 'k'? The 'Ch' in Chicago is pronounced like 'Sh,' while the 'ch' in chortle and chop is pronounced, as you would expect, like 'ch' is supposed to sound. And we complain that immigrants don't speak English -- is it any wonder?

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