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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The New Mammogram Machine

Lakeridge Health in Oshawa (formerly, Oshawa General Hospital), got a new mammogram machine. I think this new machine must have been invented by a woman.

It's not like the old days where you had to put your breast in a vice and someone would turn the knob until it was as flat as a pancake. The original machine, I think, must have been invented by a man. A man who obviously hated his mother. Must have resented being bottle-fed or something.

This machine, I have to admit, was not the least bit uncomfortable. Although the technician could have given me a warning that I had to stop breathing.

On a related (and much more important!) note, my sister Roni is recovering comfortably from her surgery. The surgeons believe they got the entire lump but took only 2 of 3 cancerous lymph nodes. I think that can only mean good news: it must mean they believe they can get the 3rd node during radiation or chemotherapy.

We'll know more in a few weeks.


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