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Monday, August 28, 2006

Reader Discretion Strongly Advised

Warning! Some people may find the following post to be in poor taste. Reader discretion is advised.

I read the online headline that charges have been dropped against John Mark Karr in the Jon-Benet Ramsay murder case. I couldn't help but think:

1. Maybe the guy couldn't afford airfare back to the US so he figured he'd plead guilty to a high profile case and get the red carpet treatment and a first class trip home.

2. What's wrong with the LA County Police Department photographer? Notice any resemblence in these two most recent mug shots? Maybe the photographer is 7 feet tall -- "Just look up here with those puppy-blue eyes."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so bizarre - I thought the same thing.

I also said, very early on - when they first announced his arrest, that he didn't do it, this is his 15 minutes of fame, they couldn't even prove that he had an association with the girl or her family.

Bizarre, eh?

11:40 AM  

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