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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Power of Now

When I was in Ireland a few years ago, I met a real, live leprechaun. His name is Harry Willis and he is the founder and owner of Cosmic Sounds.

Harry is a charming man in his very late seventies or early eighties. He has a full head of shocking white and very long hair. He moves quickly, speaks quickly, thinks quickly.

Last year I was in England and ran into Harry Willis at a hotel in London. I quickly reintroduced myself. "You don't have to tell me who you are," he said. "I could never forget your beautiful face."

Before I could catch my breath, he added:

"Michelle, there's a book you need to read," he said. "It's called The Power of Now and it will transform your life."

I told Harry that I would remember to look for the book.

And then I promptly forgot.

Two weeks ago I met Harry Willis again, this time in the south of France.

After an affectionate greeting, Harry immediately said, "Michelle, you must read the book The Power of Now."

Isn't that odd? I've seen Harry twice in the past 12 months and each time, the moment after we've said hello, he has made the same recommendation. To make sure that I followed up on my promise to read it, Harry brought me a copy of the book the next day.

It is inscribed most beautifully: "To Michelle, with love, light, blessings and healing from above. Harry"

I am devouring this book. Obviously, Harry saw this need in me. What a wise and sensitive leprechaun he is.

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