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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Middle Aged Dinner Party

My husband and I hosted a dinner party this evening. There were six of us in all, couples ranging in age from 42 - 55. We enjoyed cocktails before dinner, a lovely BBQ, dessert and coffee. The conversation was lively and interesting and filled with laughter.

A few hours after dessert, the conversation turned -- as it always will with the 40+ crowd -- to the subject of health. One guy has a bad knee (gout), three people are diabetic, two have intestinal problems, one is hyperthyroid -- the list of ailments was long and each of us had a story to share.

Eventually, we began talking about blood pressure. Everyone told stories about their own blood pressure "normal." I suppose the conversation may have become a bit competitive: "Oh yeah, well my blood pressure is higher than YOUR blood pressure." and "My blood pressure is so low it's a miracle I wake up in the mornings." Suddenly my husband pulls out his electronic blood pressure gauge and one at a time, all the way around the room, every person there takes his/her blood pressure then passes the machine on to the next.

It suddenly occurred to me how funny this was....some people may pass around an after dinner smoke .... BUT A BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR?

Now I know what old people do at dinner parties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud. You're very funny Auntie.



11:17 AM  

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