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Thursday, April 13, 2006

An email to Lakeridge Health Centre Oshawa (aka Oshawa General Hospital)

This morning I had to visit the Echo department for tests. I noticed many signs prominently displayed about the hospital's "no fragrance" policy. Good for you!

EXCEPT FOR ONE MAJOR THING: My sister has airborne allergies to nut proteins. As soon as she is exposed to the protein IN THE AIR she goes into anaphylactic shock. Today you had a bake sale in the main lobby of the hospital. Many of the items being sold contained nuts of a variety of kinds. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT? Thank God, my sister didn't have to visit your hospital today for any reason. IT COULD HAVE KILLED HER.

I brought this to the attention of a group of volunteers AND a technician in the Echo department. Everyone rolled their eyes at me like I'm crazy.

I support your fundraising efforts 100% but please ban nut products from any bake sales (or cafeteria products), for the sake of the community!


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